“Bank Melli Iran” is one of the first banks opened in the republic and it offers a wide range of services to customers in the banking market of Azerbaijan for 25 years. Our bank is insured against all financial risks as a Branch Office of the State Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Funds can be deposited in 6 and 12-month periods provided that minimum amount is not less than

5.000 AZN. 


Monthly interest payment

Interest paid at maturity
6 months3 %3.5 %
12 months5 % 6 %


 In case of withdrawal before maturity date:


Monthly interest payment

Interest paid at maturity
up to 6 months0 %0 %
6 - 12 months2.5 %2.5 %


Interests can be taken monthly or at maturity.

  • If “Depositor” requires the return of deposit during the first sixth (6) months, no interest  is paid by the Bank to “Depositor”.
  • Partial withdrawals of funds are not allowed.
  • Putting additional funds to the account is not allowed. If customer wants to put additional funds or withdraw a part of the fund, the former contract should be terminated and replaced with new one.